Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's great to be eight!

I can't believe my baby is 8 years old. Where does time go? Rylan turned 8 on March 25. He was sooo excited. I took donuts for him to share with his class Mrs. Combs. Then at 5:00 he had his friend party. He invited 12 kids so we had that many 6 to 9 year old children at the party. It was suppose to be a Lego theme but it ended up being more of a car theme. Rylan really wanted a pinata and I had every intention of making one until I found out how long it takes to make them with having to let them dry and stuff. So I went and bought one instead. I also had great plans to make a lego cake but with everything going on it was just tooo much for me, so off to Costco I went and the selection was flowers (no good for a boy), a dinosaur, or a basketball, so I bought the basketball cake.
When the kids came I had them play with Legos which was great but he invited a couple of girls they were not so into that. Then we had pizza from Little Caesars and crazy bread! Boy those kids sure know how to make and lot of noise!!! Then the real excitement came we went out in the garage because it was very cold outside and hit the pinata. Boy do they know how to scream!!! They had a lot of fun with that. Then back into the house we went and put together their lego racers. And once that was done they raced them on a track that Dan & Treven had made for them. They had lots of fun with that. Then off to having cake & ice cream but most were still interested in their cars!!!! Rylan opened his gifts before I could even take any pictures so I totally missed that one!! Then to help the little rowdy kids settle down we put on a Lego move Power Clutch they all seemed to enjoy that. Then it was time for their parents to come and pick them up. I hope they had a great time because I was exhausted now I know why I only have birthday parties every other year and we go somewhere much, much, easier. It's great to be eight.

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